As part of the Jerusalem Culture Season, the food truck concept arrives in Jerusalem. Inaugurated by the Chef of the famous Machneyuda restaurant, the Foodtrip truck will roam Jerusalem, offering gourmet food at affordable prices.


The Jerusalem Culture Season, which will take place in the city during the months of July and August, brings a summer of diverse cultural events to the Holy City. Ranging from lectures and music to theatre and performing arts, the festival will offer numerous activities, carried out at several beautiful venues across the city.

As part of the Jerusalem Culture Season, Chef Assaf Granit of the famous Machneyuda restaurant in Jerusalem's Machne Yehuda Market has decided to join into the celebrations. While his restaurant has become renowned throughout Jerusalem and across Israel for its unique atmosphere and fresh, delicious food, its prices and long waiting lists have made it inaccessible to many Jerusalem residents and tourists.

This is about to change, as Granit sets off on a new and exciting project. The Foodtrip truck, named Otto-ochel in Hebrew, will offer a taste of Jerusalem and the flavors of the market at accessible prices. The truck will roam Jerusalem's streets, making several stops each day and offering a daily changing menu.

In addition, Granit will host a daily guest on board the truck, each a Jerusalem celebrity or famous personality that will assist in the preparation of the food and serve the patrons of the truck. Some of these guests include former chairman of the Knesset, Rubi Rivlin, author Jackie Levi and many more.

The dishes will be updated daily, and will include some of Jerusalem's favorite dishes. The chef promises to use as many locally grown and manufactured products, most of which will be bought at the Machne Yehuda Market, where he also does most of his shopping for the restaurant. The fresh produce, fish, meat and dairy products which the market is famous for, in addition to its selection of exotic spices and Middle Eastern specialties, will be combined in the affordable, colorful dishes served on the Foodtrip truck.

The truck can be easily recognized: from its colorful exterior, designed by local artists, to the Hebrew and Arabic music blaring from its speakers, it will be hard to miss. But the chef and his team also promise a daily announcement of the following day's locations, menus and prices, which will all be published on their social network pages and the Jerusalem Culture Season's website.

Bringing a taste of Jerusalem's high-end culinary scene to the masses, the Foodtrip truck promises to spice up the exciting blend of events which will take place in Jerusalem this summer. With its special atmosphere and affordable prices, it will bring a taste of Jerusalem to every visitor and resident.