Affordable abortion 0718 150 308 and (cytotec) pills for...

Affordable abortion 0718 150 308 and (cytotec) pills for sale in Sandton, Midrand, Tembisa,Soweto

We perform abortion / terminate pregnancies without questions, for any woman of any age or race. Call or WhatsApp (+2771 8150 308) If you feel you can not continue with a pregnancy then it is within your right to terminate it. It is legal to do this according to the Termination of Pregnancy Act No. 92 of 1996 of South Africa. Parental or partner consent is not necessary.

It is completely up to you the person carrying the baby to decide. As soon as you think it is something you want to do then do not second guess your self. Act as quickly as possible because the longer you take the more expensive it is going to turn out for you.

Our services are available country wide. All you need to do is to call us or what's app and then we shall quickly assist you. No questions asked. Any girl or woman can ask for a TOP in the first three months (12 weeks) of pregnancy.

It is important to act quickly if an unwanted pregnancy is suspected. If you are three to five months (13-20 weeks) pregnant, a different set of rules apply for TOP. Private & Personal: Our services are private and personal. It is between you and the practitioner. No other person gets involved. This is done to ensure that your private activities remain your private activities and it is up to you to tell or not.

On our side it is a professional service and it remains at that:-

Call or WhatsApp 0718 150 308

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