In memory of Igal Lichtman 
Founder, Visionary, Father & Husband

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The Concept

Our mission is to make Jerusalem accessible to the world so anyone and everyone can enjoy the holy city of Jerusalem from anywhere in the world, at any time. rises above the politics, conflicts, geographical boundaries and financial difficulties which exist in reality so that you can visit, learn and experience Jerusalem from your computer or mobile device in a way never possible before!

In March 2012, the website was launched and since then has become the leading site on Jerusalem with new videos, photos, tours, articles and much more being uploaded every day. The beauty behind is that you don’t need to be there physically in order to experience it. You can take a 3D virtual tour, watch exclusive HD videos, explore the city through high resolution zoom-in photos, get involved in a challenging article, enjoy our unique interactive only accurate map or participate in worldwide open discussions regarding every aspect of the holy city. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world and yet tour and deeply explore the streets of Jerusalem.

For those who are lucky to actually visit Jerusalem, we offer the perfect place to plan your trip to the holy city with information provided on every site, most updated attractions and even online booking of your preferred hotel with the first platform enabling you to choose a hotel according to your needs and proximity to sites and attractions!


Jerusalem 3D Tours

Our most unique and special feature is our 3D tours. Jerusalem 3D tours fuse faith with cutting edge technology making it possible to explore and see more than available in reality and easily visit places which capture the hearts of millions worldwide. The tour offers ample information, photos and unique 3D imagery and animation. Each tour is meticulously prepared to offer users the most informative, moving and accurate experience and tailored to capture the true essence of the site.

With the 3D tours Jerusalem we create welcomes anyone to visit, experience, share views, feel and explore. Now you can access the most sacred sites, see the holy city from every angle, navigate easily through the old city streets with the incredible feeling of actually being there.


The People

Our team of artists, developers and businessmen created this innovative and unique experience with a great emphasis on colors, shapes, symmetry, sizes, compositions and proportions. Every element of the 3D tour is designed to convey the true atmosphere of the site.

We work with leading counselors, experts and top advisors on every aspect of Jerusalem and its sacred sites so you can be sure that the content in our site is reliable. works with leading counselors, experts and top advisors on every aspect of Jerusalem and its sacred sites from the religious, public, academic sectors as well as from the hi-tech and private sectors. To see some of our friends who work with us and support our work, see friends of