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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

With over 23,000 students, 9 different faculties and 3 campus sites in Jerusalem the Hebrew University is the leading University in Israel today and the hub for student life in Jerusalem. The decision to establish the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem was finalized in 1913 during the 11th Zionist Congress. The gates of the University were opened in 1925 in a festive ceremony that included dignitaries, scientists and scholars from around the world. A board of Governors was created to ensure the University’s continuous funding and activities and included notable figures such as Professor Albert Einstein, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Haim Weizman, Martin Buber and more. Due to its strategic location, Mt. Scopus became a battle ground between 1948 and 1967, forcing the University to move to an alternative location. In 1958 the new central Hebrew University campus on Mount Ram in west Jerusalem was inaugurated. The main Hebrew University campus returned to Mount Scopus in 1981 after extensive reconstruction and serves as the main campus site to this day.

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