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The Way of The Cross - Station 4

Station Four – Via Dolorosa - Jesus Meets his mother Mary.

Mary was informed about what was about to happen to her son, Jesus. Even at the darkest hour, she found the strength to see her son. On the way to the Calvary, their eyes meet. Mary watches her condemned and humiliated son.

This is one of the three stations associated with the imagery of feminism. An Armenian Catholic church called: ''Our Lady of Spasm’’ is located to commemorate this event. The Church of Our Lady of the Spasm is located right by The Polish Church, behind the wall of the 4th station of the Via Dolorosa and commemorates the meeting of Jesus and his mother. The Armenian Orthodox Church was built in 1881 and although small, inside a beautiful mosaic floor can be found with an outline of sandals which some believe mark the exact spot where Saint Mary stood as Jesus passed by carrying the cross. This event is not recorded in the New Testament. Including an exclusive interview with Bishop Joseph Kelekian

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