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The Way of The Cross - Station 5

Station Five – Via Dolorosa - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross The roman soldiers seized a passerby, Simon of Cyrene, and ordered him to carry the cross and help Jesus.

Today, the location of this event is identified as the junction of Via Dolorosa St. and Tyropoeon Valley St. Simon's help afforded Jesus a momentary period of rest that allowed him to regain his composure for a few moments before the roman legionnaires came back with the cracking sounds of the whip cutting through the air compelling the condemned to continue their procession upwards.

Today, a small Franciscan - Catholic chapel commemorates the devotion of Simon of Cyrene. On the right side of the Entrance to the Chapel is an ancient stone, said to carry the hand print of Jesus as he laid his hand there to support himself under the burden of the Cross. The Chapel was built in 1229 and was the first Franciscan site to be built in the Holy City.

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