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Inside The Tomb

This is believed by many Protestant, Evangelists and Anglican Christians to be the tomb of Jesus Christ. Although many believers agree that we cannot know for a fact that this is the Tomb of Jesus and location of his crucifixion and that the church of the Holy Sepulchre is not the actual site, much evidence points to support this theory.

However, as the custodians of the Garden Tomb often clarify, the importance of the site is not whether or not this is actually the Tomb of Jesus but is found in the commemoration and reflection over the crucifixion and burial of Jesus and more so his miraculous resurrection. The tomb includes two burial niches and an entrance space which is known as the ‘weeping chamber’.

The cross which can be seen on the wall between the tomb niches was painted sometime around the Byzantine and Crusader periods, most probably for Christian worship. Over the years the Tomb suffered damage due to earthquakes and no trace of the rolling stone was found in 1867 when the tomb was re-excavated.

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