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Western Wall Tunnels - The Largest Stone

The Largest Stone, also known as the 'Western Stone', is the biggest stone of the Western Wall in Jerusalem and can be found in the Kotel Tunnels. It is recorded as one of the heaviest objects ever lifted by humans without the assistance of any machinery. This stone is about 45 feet in length (13.6 meters), about 13 ft. wide (4 meters), and weight about 570 tons. The Largest Stone was revealed by during the Western Wall tunnel excavations. The open area of the Western wall is about 200 feet in length and most of it is buried under the ground. The tunnels serve as an avenue for additional access of the wall at about 1600 feet.

The Largest Stone has revealed interesting discoveries from the Second Temple period regarding King Herod building techniques and masonry. Scientists and archaeological differ regarding the way the 'Western Stone' was placed. Some believe it was brought there using a series of tree logs while others contend that it is part of the Temple Mount bedrock which was carved to fit the Western Wall. It is supposed that the Largest Stone was the first stone of the Western Wall on and around which the rest of the Western Wall was built. By the Largest Stone in the Western Wall tunnels, is a sealed gate which once lead to the Temple, It is named Warren's gate after the explorer who discovered it in the 19th century.

This passage was closed in order to block the entrance to Solomon’s Stables, located on the Temple Mount underneath the al-Aqsa Mosque. Also by the Stone is a small synagogue. This is the closest point to where once stood the Holy of Hollies of the Second Temple and many visitors pray and spend some reflective time in this Jewish holy site in the Western Wall Tunnels.

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